Check it out some frequently asked questions about cleaning services. If you haven’t find your answer do no hesitate to contact us.

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Can you clean if I am not home/office?

Yes we can, just let us know how to get in.

Do I need to sign a contract for regular service?

We feel that a contract is unnecessary. It is up to us to do a good job and make you happy. We build our business on happy clients that want to continue to use our services and are not forced to stay with us.

How do you handle pets on my cleaning day?

Pets are no problem. Any special details about your pets will be on your information sheet. We only ask that larger dogs that are unfriendly or aggressive are left in a room that will not be cleaned.

Is there anything I need to do before the cleaning?

1. Make sure the payment is left.

2. Be sure our employees have a way in.

3. Call our office ahead of time about any changes or anything unusual that will affect our service. Advanced notice is greatly appreciated.

4. Large and/or aggressive dogs are left in a room that will not be cleaned.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept check or cash.

We ask our clients to leave the payment ready inside an envelope on the kitchen counter.

Do I have to be there when you arrive?

No, you can leave a key for us to get in and we’ll handle it from there. Some of our clients leave their key under a mat, in the mailbox, at a front-desk, or somewhere else out of sight.

How long does each cleaning take?

Typically it comes out to about 1 hour per bedroom for a team of 2. In the case of extremely messy homes, we recommend using the move in/out option.

Tell me about your Move in/Move out Cleaning?

Our Move In/Out cleaning is designed to prepare an apartment or house for a new tenant; there’s typically more room to be vacuumed, more baseboards to be detail cleaned, more cabinet and drawer space to be cleaned, light fixtures, etc.